Get with the Program

Senator Mike Lee, on what the President should offer tonight in his jobs speech:

•Structural, binding spending reforms, such as a balanced budget amendment to the constitution, that would reduce the national debt and end the practice of perpetual deficit spending

•Support for sound monetary policy that will prevent further collapse of the dollar, including opposing another round ofquantitative easing and additional bailouts of failing banks

•Regulatory reform, including a moratorium on all new regulations until the unemployment rate reaches 7.7% (S. 1438, the Regulation Moratorium and Job Preservation Act sponsored by Sen. Ron Johnson (WI))

•Reforming the tax code to make American businesses more competitive and put more money in the hands of consumers and investors

•Increasing development of America’s energy resources by reducing delays and bureaucratic hurdles


If you’re thinking, “fat chance,” well — I’d wager Senator Lee is, too.


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