How Long Before Women Are Required to Take Them?

(AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

From the AP:

Indeed, a government study last summer found that birth control use is virtually universal in the United States, according to a government study issued last summer. More than 90 million prescriptions for contraceptives were dispensed in 2009, according the market analysis firm INS health. Generic versions of the pill are available for as little as $9 a month.


This, I suppose is the “crisis” faced by American women, forcing Kathleen Sebelius to issue new regulations mandating that “health insurance plans must cover birth control as preventive care for women, with no copays.”

Now, I’m all in favor of birth control. As a 42-year-old with zero interest in going yet another round with diapers, I’m a big fan.

But there’s no crisis. Women who want birth control are getting birth control, and apparently at very reasonable prices. But non-fans must pay now, too. And thus the socialization of medicine — and the infantilization of women — continues apace.


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