Sony Nearly Almost Jumps Into Tablet Market Eventually

Sony demoed its first two entries in the tablet market, the S1 and S2.The S1 is a fairly standard tablet, albeit wedge-shaped instead of flat and the S2 is this weird split-screen thing that folds up into something which looks small enough to fit uncomfortably into a suit jacket pocket.


Standard Tegra 2 processor, standard Android 3.0, compatibility with a few “select” PlayStation games. Other details and specs are “subject to change.” So the only question remaining is: Why can’t Sony get these things to market before the autumn?

UPDATE: B&N’s Nook color ereader has been firmware-upgrded into a tiny Android 2.2 tablet – for $250. They seem to have very nicely settled into the low end of the tablet market, and I suspect they’re sell a lot of these.


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