An Open Letter to Mr. Daily Kos

Dear Mr. Moulitsas,

May I call you Kos? I know everybody else does. Thanks. Anyway, last night you wrote an open letter of your own, on Twitter. It was brief, of course. Surveying the goings-on in Wisconsin, you said, "Dear Tea Baggers, It's our turn now."

Well, I suppose it is. And now that both sides have had their turns, let's compare and contrast. I can't keep this quite as short as your tweet, but I'll do my best.

Your people left their protest area looking like this.

We Tea Party folks tend to police our areas with a touch more respect -- like this.

Tea Partyers take a day off work, or protest on the weekends.

Your union friends call in "sick" and stage what amounts to an illegal walk-out, leaving thousands of kids with no schools to attend for days on end. It just now occurred to me to wonder what those kids' working parents are doing with the kids out of school. Will they get their pay docked for having to stay home? Your union friends will probably get full pay -- for abandoning their students.

Tea Partyers worry that too much deficit spending is leading the country to ruin.