Hey, Rocky, Watch Me Pull A Ballot Out of My Hat

Dirty tricks down south in Texas:

On November 2, Farenthold beat Ortiz by 799 votes. A tight race to be sure, but one that could be described as outside the margin of ACORN. I mean error.

The fairly Leftist Corpus Christi Caller Times even said in a November 6 editorial “Honor the vote, which went for Farenthold.”

But Ortiz did not – and has not – acquiesced. He demanded a recount. And that’s when the “Out of Thin Air” show began. Ortiz, Inc. keeps finding new bags containing new ballots – many with his name on them.

Ortiz, Inc. first found in Robstown – the epicenter of Ortiz, Inc. support – a bag with seven whole ballots in it. All of them (shocking) cast for Ortiz.


That lowered Farenthold’s spread to 792.

Ortiz, Inc. then moved on to the provisional ballot and overseas vote portion of the program. Which is a much tougher nut to crack.


Read the whole thing at BG.


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