Doctor, Heal Thyself

The Wall Street Journal‘s Neil King, Jr. filed a report today on our political “volatility,” featuring a seemingly confused Republican voter. Read:

“We know what we don’t want better than we know what we want,” said Steve Ellison, a commercial real-estate broker who hosted a campaign event in his Mishawaka home for Republican challenger Jackie Walorski, who is trying to unseat two-term Democrat Joe Donnelly in the state’s Second District. “I suppose that helps explain the schizophrenia.”

I’d rager that Ellison — almost certainly better informed than your typical, passive voter — only says he’s confused because he’s been told by the media that he’s confused. But the explanation for his “schizophrenia” is quite simple.

Voters rejected the GOP in the 2006-08 election cycles because they’d become little better than tax and spend Democrats. And the Democrats came along and (rightly) bemoaned all those taxes and all that spending. But once in power, the Democrats decided to show the tax and spend Republicans how it was really done. And now the voters will make them pay, too.

It’s not that we have an schizophrenic electorate; it’s that we have schizophrenic political parties.