A Rare Facebook Appearance on VodkaPundit

I hate Facebook, I really do. But lots of other people use it, so sometimes it proves useful. Like when I got an update just now from Joel Pollak, running against Jan Schakowsky in IL09. Apparently, Jan’s getting serious desperate:


Jan Schakowsky is circulating a desperate fundraising email–sent from her BlackBerry after last night’s candidate forum on Israel–in which she tells her supporters that I said: “President Obama has made it ok to hate Israel.”

What I said–as video of the forum will confirm–was the following:

“President Obama’s policy has made it acceptable to hate Israel openly in polite society. Helen Thomas was fired for making hateful statements about Jews, but she had vilified Israel for years, and felt comfortable expressing her views in this political climate. The Obama policy has also encouraged the world to scapegoat Israel and Jews–not just in the Middle East, but closer to home, where Manuel Zelaya of Honduras blamed Israel and Jews when he was ousted from power.”

Schakowsky–as usual–doesn’t want to tell her supporters what I was referring to, because she held a fundraiser with Helen Thomas earlier this year, and traveled to Honduras last November to support Zelaya’s attempt to return to power.

There’s more at the link, and I suggest you read the whole thing. Joel’s another one of those candidates I’ve been able to interview for PJTV, and he’s one of the most impressive people running for any office this year.


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