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Change That Matters

I'm a Tea Party guy. I don't just go to rallies, I speak at them. And I believed in this less-taxing/less-spending/small-government stuff waaaaay before it was cool. Like, I made Reagan look squishy.

Please keep all that in mind when I say: Christine O'Donnell might just be about 17 different kinds of crazy. Now about 11 of those ways are the exact kinds of crazy I think Washington needs big tons more of -- but the other six just leave me scratching my head and wondering how the hell she happened in Delaware. That's like hearing a DJ spin up "Stairway To Heaven" in a gay club, or that Larry King got picked up on an indecent exposure charge.

But let's get back on topic with a recap:

1. I'm nuts, always have been.

2. O'Donnell is nuts, even more so than I am.

And yet -- O'Donnell raised half a million dollars yesterday.

Half a million bucks.

The woman too crazy for me, even when I was making something of a career out of dating the crazy ones, got half a million dollars in a single day. All so that she can continue to wage a campaign which everyone agrees is just hopeless.

So what happened? Did the United States go insane?

Well, no -- not exactly.

It's just that we're governed by Democrats.

That can do things to a country.