A Little Something With Your Coffee

I spent all weekend in DC telling an old story, and just because it’s old, doesn’t mean it isn’t true. Besides, with that scary-ass politician’s memory of his, Dick Armey can back me up on this one. So without further ado, here it goes.


Twenty-six years ago, my son’s namesake, Preston Green, heard freshman congressman Dick Armey speak at some event or other hosted by the Association of Steel Distributors. Now I don’t know what Armey said that evening, and I’m not sure my grandfather, even were he alive today, could properly recollect. On the other hand, my grandfather’s steel-trap memory might have remembered it wholesale for all I know.

But whatever it was Armey said that night, it was so spot-on that the freshman congressman from Texas became the first –and only– out-of-state congressman to whom Preston M. Green ever wrote a check. And when I related this story to Armey at his own FreedomWorks headquarters last Saturday afternoon, the former congressman said, and I quote:

Yes, back in St. Louis, I remember. My first out-of-state contribution!


And my grandfather’s first out-of-state contribution — and his last, too.

So when you read that Dick Armey or his FreedomWorks group is up to some good deed, please believe that the deed is, indeed, good. That’s the judgement I received a quarter of a century ago. And from what I saw last weekend, that judgement holds true today.

ASIDE: FreedomWorks is moving from their present location, due to death threats (and a real-life bomb scare) from the usual suspects on the left. So if they hit you up for a few extra bucks, don’t think less of them.


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