It's Alive!

What a –long– weekend. Three days in DC with Dick Armey’s FreedomWorks for the 9/12 rally, doing the usual blogger stuff. And by “blogger stuff,” I mean, drinking until 4AM at the Kruiser Kabana, which you know must be fun because it’s spelled with an extra K. Plus, we taped a live Trifecta (coming soon on PJTV), networked our heinies off, and ate surprisingly well for a government town. So I guess I shouldn’t have been too surprised when on Sunday, I felt like I had whatever it was that kept Bill Whittle running on maybe five cylinders on Saturday.


And then yesterday was the Denver 9/12 rally, with the lovely S.E. Cupp and the evil genius Andrew Breitbart — although why anyone would stick around to hear them speak after me was and remains a mystery. But so totally worth three hours in the heat, regardless.

All that was followed up by the somewhat more mundane tasks of getting my four-year-old to taekwondo and swimming lessons yesterday evening, and gosh I just don’t know what happened to the blogging.

So from here on out until Election Day there’s only one more trip planned, so everything — I mean everything — gets covered here, because this is the most important election in our lifetimes. It’s more vital to our future than 1980, and the results have the potential to be bigger than 1994.

Make it so, as the bald dude said.

After this cup of coffee, I’m going to dig through the polls and get you the latest Handicapping the House feature, which should be coming weekly up to and including November 2.


And then another cup of coffee, and not one more damn speech for a while.


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