It's a Very Short List [UPDATED WITH LINK!]

And it’s a very strange column from Eugene Robinson, in which he catalogs President Obama’s “winning streak.” Here’s the streak:

Last U.S. Combat Troops Leave Iraq.

Thus fulfilling a status-of-forces agreement brokered by the Bush Administration.

General Motors to Launch Stock Offering.

Let’s see how much money GM raises in its IPO. Also, let’s not forget that GM will continue to receive subsidies, so that it can sell an overpriced economy car to preening greenies, most of whom could afford to pay the unsubsidized (and outrageous) sticker price. And when will GM’s bondholders get a bailout, after having been screwed out of the protections they would have gotten through a normal Chapter 11 proceeding?

Gulf Oil Spill Contained.

By the end of the show, even Maxwell Smart would finally get his man. But getting there involved a lot of useless, clumsy hijinks.

President Wades into Mosque Controversy.

Robinson ought to reword this one to read, “President costs his party two or three more marginal House seats.” It’s a slight rewording, but I think it gets the message across a little better.

That’s the whole list, the big winning streak. That’s all Robinson could come up with. He had nothing to say on Iran, Porkulus, Obamacare, the economy, the half-million jobs we were supposed to be gaining each month (but instead lost last month — a million-job deficit).

It’s not too early to declare: This is a failed administration.


Brad comments:

Nice Maxwell Smart recall!  That is a very apt description of any “success” that could ever be attributed to Obama.  Hopefully, 2012 we’ll bring down the Cone of Silence on him for good! Does that make We the People the Chief?

The American people are always The Chief. It’s just that sometimes we forget it.