Reading the Tea Leaves

Two stories from two very different sources sharing one common theme. First, from the Daily Caller:

Additionally, Democratic lawmakers have taken heart that Republicans have tripped over themselves repeatedly as they seek to regain control of Congress. Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine and Gibbs, along with many other Democrats, boasted that primary elections on Tuesday showed that Democrats were nominating good candidates while Republicans were under attack by Tea Party energy from within their own party, causing them to in some cases nominate weaker candidates.

And now, the Guardian:

The results of primaries in four states on Tuesday will leave moderate Democrats facing Republicans who have been tainted by extreme views, or accusations of unethical conduct, in key races for the US Senate and state governorships. This should undermine the Republicans’ attempts to retake control of Congress. “This is the best night the Democrats have had this year,” said Larry Sabato, a political science professor at the University of Virginia. “They’ve improved their position in all four states and the Republicans weakened theirs. The Democrats couldn’t have written a better script.”

OK, so Larry Sabato is a good pollster and a lousy analyst — we knew that already. But the Democrats seem to believe, honestly believe, that keeping the same old insiders is a big benefit — at a time when American voters are more fed up with politics-as-usual than ever.

The energy and enthusiasm is all on the side of the insurgents, because our incumbents (Democrats and Republicans alike) have failed. Completely failed.