The Law of Stupid Stupid Dumb (And Unintended) Consequences

From The Hill:

The new healthcare law will pack 32 million newly insured people into emergency rooms already crammed beyond capacity, according to experts on healthcare facilities.

A chief aim of the new healthcare law was to take the pressure off emergency rooms by mandating that people either have insurance coverage. The idea was that if people have insurance, they will go to a doctor rather than putting off care until they faced an emergency.

People who build hospitals, however, say newly insured people will still go to emergency rooms for primary care because they don’t have a doctor.

Huh. So Obamapelosireid crammed a 2,700-page bill through Congress, without enough time to even read it, much less reflect on it, and yet somehow things aren’t working out how the Invisible Legislation Fairy promised they would?

Huh again.

Now let me tell you what comes next.

It should come as no great shock that people who wouldn’t get insurance before the law was passed, might not be all like super-responsible about regularly seeing a doctor after the law was passed. As the poster boy for those people, I know of what I speak.

So what comes next is, mandatory checkups, to keep the pressure off the emergency rooms.

Of course, more people going to the doctor more often, will end up finding more things wrong with them (even if they aren’t seriously wrong things), which will drive up demand for prescriptions and devices.

And then?

At night, the rationing comes.