Personal Notes of Nearly Zero Consequence

It was a busy — and long — weekend of drinking and travel and drinking and writing wedding vows and drinking and performing a wedding and drinking and then more travel. Oh, and then when I got home I had to write & shoot three episodes of Trifecta (why we always shoot Trifectas in batches of three remains a mystery) and then there was that entire hour of radio to record with Jimmie Bise…

…and I promise you I’m not complaining. I love every minute of it. Seriously, the only thing more fun than my free time is my job, and that’s no exaggeration — but…

…if you’ve wondered where the blogging has been lately, well, now you know.

And as I’ve been typing this poor sob story, Mr. Global Warming came to visit and is right now in the process of dumping 8-15 inches of cold, wet, heavy springtime snow on my lawn. And on my driveway, which I have no plans to shovel any time soon. So if you’re wondering where VodkaPundit will be for the next couple days, the answer is: Right here. On my sofa. With a fire. And a brandy.

And one whole hell of a lot of news to blog about.

So stick around.

I’m just hoping the snow doesn’t decide to stick around nearly as long as I’m hoping you will.