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Back to Iran, where the protests continue without support — or even comment — from the White House:

Not a few Western analysts remain skeptical about the staying power of the Greens and their ability to bring about a political transformation of the country.

They point to the lack of a distinctive opposition leader in the face of a robust security-intelligence apparatus. The realists in Washington note that neither street demonstrations nor increasing internal divisions within the regime have brought about a significant change in behavior.

But this is a superficial and impatient reading of the internal situation in Iran. Iran is less stable and secure than at any time in the past 30 years, and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s government has been forced to fight on several fronts simultaneously.


It’s a good article, although a bit frustrating due to a bit of wishful thinking. Read:

[Tehran] is battling over the nuclear program with the international community, which is starting to coalesce on sanctions.

Wake me when Russia and China even look like they’re pretending to consider to possibly think about appearing to get on board with a tough sanctions regime.


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