Little Wee Tiny Review

First thought upon seeing the new, super-thin aluminum Mac keyboards last year, when they were introduced with the new iMacs: “Guess when I upgrade to a new Mac whenever, I’ll be buying a third-party keyboard.”

First thought after spending a while actually using one: “Touch my new keyboard and die.”

Seriously. It looks like hell to type on, but it isn’t. The action is fast, and the clicks are so solid they remind me of an IBM Selectric II, only not quite so noisy. Still haven’t found the perfect elevation — although I suspect part of why my wrists aren’t comfy is that, until I get 11,000 boxes cleared out of my office, my desk is a Sam’s Club plastic folding table.

But the keyboard rocks. If for whatever sad, pathetic, lonely reason you’re stuck using a Windows machine, at least be good enough to yourself to switch to a Mac keyboard.