Sleep Tight

This can’t be good:

Pakistan is continuing to expand its nuclear bomb-making facilities despite growing international concern that advancing Islamist extremists could overrun one or more of its atomic weapons plants or seize sufficient radioactive material to make a dirty bomb, US nuclear experts and former officials say.

David Albright, previously a senior weapons inspector for the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency in Iraq, said commercial satellite photos showed two plutonium-producing reactors were nearing completion at Khushab, about 160 miles south-west of the capital, Islamabad.


It’s becoming more and more obvious that the creation of Pakistan was the single biggest mistake Great Britain has made in the postwar era.

Oh — the existence of Gordon Brown excepted, of course.

And another thing. If President Obama really wants to do something smart with those 17,000 extra troops in Afghanistan, he’ll keep them on high alert right at Bagram Air Base, with cargo planes spun up and ready to go, 24/7. Those troops might be needed… elsewhere… and in a hurry, too.


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