Must-See Radio

Is it the biggest PJM Political ever? It just might be. Check out this week’s show:

James Lileks on Monday’s Epic Air Force One Fail.

Glenn Reynolds on the Thursday evening announcement by Supreme Court Justice David Souter that he’s retiring.

Dr. Helen Smith interviews Alfonzo Rachel, YouTube star and the star of PJTV’s ZoNation.

PJTV’s Allen Barton interviews Minnesota GOP Congresswoman Michele Bachmann.

Glenn Reynolds interviews best selling author and talk radio star Mark Levin.


Plus, PJM Political producer Ed Driscoll and I riff on Tuesday’s Arlen Specter Switcheroo, President Obama’s enchanting press conference, and his Thursday announcement that Chrysler was going into bankruptcy.

All that in an hour? Actually, a little less than hour — the podcast version is commercial-free. Stream it or download ir here.


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