If I Wore a Hat I'd Tip It

A Tip of the Pants, Then?

Putting together this week’s episode of “Hair of the Dog,” I gave the crew a lot of work to do. Which is only fair, since Producer Extraordinaire Mark Anderson has pretty much absconded with all of my Sundays and half of my Mondays. That said, we taped at 11:00 this morning, and already our crack team of television experts has put together the new show.

So what do you get for absolutely free? More than you pay for, that’s for sure.

On the new show:

Katty KayKatty Kay gets spanked (in my dreams).

Arianna Huffington gets spanked for real (sorry it’s not the other way around).

David Axelrod spanks himself (sorry — just, sorry).

Tim Geithner skips the spank line (you’re welcome).

North Korea spanks everybody (Oh! Dear! Leader!).

And, served up on a platter, GM’s new CEO Fritz Henderson’s manhood.

All on no budget whatsoever! Can we do all of that in just nine minutes of television? You’re damn right we can. Because we’re highly paid professionals. Don’t try this at home — but do watch it there. Or at work. Or wherever you enjoy a high-speed spanking internet connection.

In other words, check it out.