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Fightin' Joe Fights On (And On and On and On)

Your tax dollars hard at work, keeping Vice President Joe Biden's presidential campaign awash in... tax dollars:

Joe Biden ended his own presidential bid after coming in fifth in the Iowa caucuses more than a year ago. But his presidential campaign lived on – and continued receiving taxpayer money – well after he was elected vice president.

The vice president is not gearing up to challenge President Barack Obama in the 2012 Democratic primaries, though. Rather, he’s keeping his committee, Biden for President Inc., open to tidy up loose ends in preparation for a mandatory federal audit, which could become expensive to defend.

So, Biden continued requesting federal funds for his campaign – through the so-called primary matching funds program – for months after he was tapped to be Obama’s running mate.

I'm no expert in FEC regulations, but if that's legal it certainly shouldn't be. When you suspend your campaign, shouldn't the government, you know, suspend your matching funds?