Who's Next? (Part II -- Nuclear Boogaloo)

The US and the United Arab Emirates have gotten all nuclear buddy-buddy:

The deal sets the legal groundwork for U.S. commercial nuclear trade with the UAE, which sits just across the Persian Gulf from Iran.

But it also allows Gulf nations worried about Iran’s nuclear program to send a signal to Tehran.

“The clear message to Iran is: If Tehran insists on pursuing its nuclear program, we (Arab countries in the region) are going to have one, although without enrichment,” said Mustafa Alani of the Dubai-based Gulf Research Center.


It doesn’t take a security specialist to realize that the Persian Gulf is maybe not the bestest place ever to hold an arms race. Throwing nukes into the mix — even “peaceful” nukes — can’t help but make a bad situation worse.

The proper step would be to disarm the party creating all the instability. Tick, tock.


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