I'm Back

40-plus hours without internet doesn’t exactly help with the holiday spirit, but we’re up and running again. Christmas updates just as soon as I’ve got the last of the swear words out of my system.

‘Cause let me tell you, I had a lot of them stored up, even though they were flowing pretty freely there.

UPDATE: You, on the other hand, should have no complaints, as I doubt anybody really minded having Miss Christina Hendricks at the top of the page for two days.

ANOTHER UPDATE: On a happy holiday note, there’s been some good stuff, too. After going through I-can’t-remember-how-many drywall guys, our basement is finally, mostly drywalled — and they started work yesterday, the Monday before Christmas. Bless’em. Our old basement, formerly known as Dodge’em Alley, will be rechristened The Lower Level in a week or two.

Since PJTV debuted back in September, my “studio” has been an unfinished room with exactly one outlet. To power the TV lights, I’ve had to run a 100-foot extension cord to an outdoor outlet, in order not to trip the breaker and crash everything every time I went on the air. Those days are almost over — no more letting all the hot out and all the cold in (what science calls “the Reverse McBLT Effect”) just in order to talk very loudly at an HD camcorder.

I’m not getting paid for this plug (probably because I’m not very bright about these things), but if you need any drywall work done in the Colorado Springs area, give Drywall Masterz a call. They do good work, and they’re willing to work their butts off right up until lunchtime on Christmas Eve Day. What’s not to love?