Bye Bye Bettie

There’s a good reason the best pinup art is painted — most photos of girls in those poses look just plain silly. It takes the virtual perfection of oil to make the ideal seem plausible. A photograph usually reveals the inherent weirdness of a girl holding her body at impossible angles while smiling broadly.


But not when the subject was Bettie Page.

Page was an ideal all her own, a perfect mix of naughtiness, playfulness and innocence all wrapped up in cherub’s face and a smokin’ hot bod.

And in the disposable world of getting turned on by naughty pictures, we’re still looking at Bettie fifty years later. Assuming I live that long, I’ll still be looking at her 50 years from now. Even if I’m not around to look, the rest of the world will still be peeking at Bettie. And they’ll still be feeling all funny inside.


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