Trouble in the Raj

I’ve blogged a bit — and talked a bit on PJTV — about the slight potential for a shooting war between India and Pakistan. Well. Bill Roggio links this story via Twitter:


Following the Mumbai attacks last week, it is emerging that India intends to take the “war on terror” to the next level – specifically, by taking out militant training camps that India believes dot Pakistan-administered Kashmir.

A senior official in India’s Home Ministry told Asia Times Online that a decision had been made at the highest levels that India will be directly involved in “annihilating” some of the terror infrastructure and personnel based in Pakistan.

My take? As long as Islamabad only pretends to govern the whole of Pakistan, the rest of the world should only pretend to recognize Pakistani sovereignty. That said, you can only push nuclear-armed nation-states (even pretend nation-states, so long as the nukes are real) so far.


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