Sweet Dreams

Before I pass out, I’ll crosspost here my brief finish from tonight’s PJM drunkblog…

Obama has won, McCain has conceded gracefully.

I didn’t vote for either of them, but I think McCain would have proven slightly less bad for the country, if only very slightly.

That said, come January 20, Barack Obama will be my President, and I feel proud of a country strong enough to repudiate a stained history on race. Race aside — as it should be — I strongly disagree with most, if not all, of Obama’s platform. But we’re facing trying times. We need a strong leader, and I hope Obama proves to be that leader. So if you’re looking for a Kos-like “Screw’em” moment, then look elsewhere.

Because I’m hoping for the best, and I’ll criticize the worst — and I hope we can all drink to that.

ONE LAST THING: Now that we’ve put the election behind us, it brings me great pleasure to tell you that this blog can get back to covering stuff it really cares about — Friday recipes, cocktail suggestions, and pop culture. Oh, and also lots and lots of making fun of the President and Congress.