Reuters Watch

Could Reuters get any worse? Read this report and decide:

NEW YORK (Reuters) – The Bush administration is considering withdrawing additional troops from Iraq beginning in September, The New York Times reported in Sunday editions, citing administration and military officials.

The withdrawal, which the Times said would constitute a marked reversal from the war’s darkest days of 2006-2007, stemmed partly from the need for more U.S. troops in Afghanistan to fight the rising insurgency by the Taliban and other fighters. U.S. and allied casualties there have outpaced those in Iraq in recent months.

“Withdrawal” is generally something armies are forced to do after a “reversal.” In other words, Reuters is using the language of defeat to describe a strategic victory in Iraq. In fact all Reuters will admit to is a “consensus among officials that fewer forces are needed in Iraq.” And even that phrase has a “despite” in front and hints of impending doom in Afghanistan at the end. Victory sandwiched in between defeats.

For Reuters, I guess it goes down better that way.