Confessions of a Proto Mac Addict

So my bride’s laptop computer is dying. It was a cheapo Dell, so no big loss — but you still don’t expect the screen of a $1,300 machine to die after barely 30 months.

Melissa likes my Macs (and loves her iPod), and thanks to Parallels, she can still use Office for Windows and Lockheed-Martin’s super-top-secret VPN software. So I told her what to look for in a MacBook, and that even their bottom-of-the-line model had enough muscle to edit high-definition baby videos from her new camcorder.

She told me, “We’d better wait to buy it. $2,300 is a little much for our budget right now.”

“How the hell did you price a MacBook up that high? It starts at eleven hundred and that’s for the newest version of the two-year-old one I have — and mine is plenty fast.”

“Oh, I was pricing a MacBook Air.” The Air is the pretty, shiny, skinny, expensive one. And she priced it with damn near all the options.

I’m telling you, when it comes to Apple, my wife’s a natural.