Pre-Post Mortem -- AGAIN!

I’m not sure how Hillary can stay in the race. She could only “eke out” a win in Indiana, just weeks after Obama did everything short of go door-to-door and personally insult each and every rural voter — and lots of city people, too. And to lose North Carolina by 14 points after putting in a strong campaign there… I just don’t see her rationale.


Oh, and she’s now loaned herself another six million dollars. Sure, Bill is good for it — but so what? What’s all that money going to buy her? When Teresa Heinz Kerry loaned John those millions to keep running in ’04, he still had a shot. All Clinton has is the faint (and growing fainter) hope of turning the superdelegates her way.

Ain’t gonna happen. Not after yesterday.

Then again, can you picture her dropping out? Like Paul Krugman predicting recessions, I’ve predicted four or five of the zero times Clinton has bugged out. Will she do it this time?

It’s got to happen — but I don’t see that, either.

I do know this much. I’ll be in Denver for the convention. Because there’s something I can’t wait to see.


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