You Should Know By Now That It's Just a Spasm

If you’re one of the several tens of people using Windows Vista, beware that Microsoft is now going out of its way to plant timebombs on your PC while you sleep:


Microsoft has stopped automatically distributing a prerequisite piece of software for Vista Service Pack 1, following some customer complaints that it had caused system problems…

One irate Windows Vista Ultimate user replied to White’s blog post, saying the prerequisite had corrupted a PC and resulted in the need to reformat the hard drive, with the resulting loss of all of the files and programs. When advised by an anonymous contributor of the System Restore option on the Vista installation disc, the Vista Ultimate user replied that the copy of Vista had been purchased and downloaded from the Internet, so there was no disc.

Two users complained that Windows Update prompted them to install the prerequisite, even after they had installed it.

Reminds me of that time I nearly had to reboot my Mac.


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