A Job Well Done

A couple weeks back, I endorsed Fred Thompson for the Republican nomination — which seems to have done not one thing to help him. Go figure. Anyway, after tonight Fred is toast. He’s going home to Tennessee, and he should probably go on and stay there a while, cleaning his 12-gauge on the front porch.


But Thompson did one thing right. By staying in through South Carolina, he might just have spared the nation from yet another comically painful Mike Huckabee victory. For sure, tonight is as well as Huckabee is going to do from here on out, and Thompson is partly the reason why.

For that, he has my gratitude.

And I’d like to change my Democratic endorsement from Dennis Kucinich. The Democrats have proven quite adept this year at marginalizing their marginal candidates — which renders my backhanded endorsement moot. And while I have some serious qualms about the man and his plan, I think Barack Obama is the best person for the Democrats to nominate this year.

And in a national race between Obama and McCain or Romney (as seems likely)? I vote to take another drink.


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