Talkin' Baseball II

I don’t know who at MLB or in the Rockies organization thought it would be a good idea to do all their own World Series tix sales online, themselves… but it was not well thought out. Their servers are dying under the strain, and three hours later, they still have plenty of tickets left. But no one can get in to buy them.


If they’d have turned this over to the pros at Ticketmaster or somewhere like that, the whole thing would have been over an hour ago. And whether you’d gotten tix or not, at least you’d be back to real life by now.

As things stand, I’ll be sitting here a while yet.

UPDATE: John Noonan sends in this story, where the Rockies admit that after a couple hours, “only a few tickets have been sold.” The word you’re looking for is “clusterfuck.”

UPDATE: Then again, maybe I shouldn’t complain about things in Colorado. Because elsewhere, “we are on the verge of witnessing a perfect storm of douchebaggery emanating from the greater Boston area.” From there, the language gets a bit strong.

UPDATE: Here’s the official Rockies statement:

This morning, after more than 8.5 million hits on the Colorado Rockies website, Paciolan, Major League Baseball’s ticket vendor, experienced a system wide outage that impacted all of its North American customers. As a result, the Colorado Rockies have suspended the sale of 2007 World Series tickets scheduled to be played at Coors Field.

“It’s been an extremely frustrating morning for our fans and the entire Rockies’ organization,” said Keli McGregor, Rockies’ team president. “We are working diligently with Major League Baseball and Paciolan to resolve the issues impacting online ticket sales for the 2007 World Series.”

Although some ticket transactions (less than 500 seats) did take place this morning, virtually the entire allotment for all three games of the World Series scheduled for Coors Field remains intact. A plan for the sale of the available World Series tickets will be announced as soon as the details are available.


No rush, guys. No home games until Saturday, and it’s not like people have to make plans or travel or anything.


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