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Amend That

Somebody emailed to ask how the iPhone works as an iPod - something I forgot to mention in my review yesterday. Oops. It's just fine as an iPod.

The sound is decent enough, although I haven't tried it with headphones -- I'm the kind who has iPod dock speakers everywhere. The interface is a big step up from my standard iPod, although I think Cover Flow is an overblown feature. If I don't sound too excited, though, it's because I'm not. I need my 60GB iPod with me at all times. I need 6,300 songs in my pocket. I need to have dozens of intricately-programmed Smart Playlists to choose from, for every possible mood or gathering.

Having a gigabyte or three of music on my phone is a nice addition, but it can't possibly replace my 5th generation iPod.