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Debate Drunkblogging -- The Wrap

I think this was Hillary Clinton's best performance. Most everything she said struck me as wrong or stupid or both. On the other hand, she finally came across as a tolerable human being. That's no small feat, since her personality is her Achilles Heel. Joe Biden made the most sense, but he looked and sounded tired, tired all the way down to his soul.

Everybody else came out worse than they went in. And that's saying something, given that they all must've gotten out of bed at 4am to prepare. I'd look for John Edwards to slip even further in the polls, even in Iowa. His angry voice/Farrah Fawcett smile is the most off-putting combination I've seen since a failed bartending experiment involving scotch and tonic.

Barrack Obama: Would make a nice high school history teacher. You know, the one who always wrote his test questions wrong.

Dennis Kucinich: Makes Kim Jong Il look tall. And also like a supply-sider.

Mike Gravel: Crazy enough to run, too crazy to quit.

Chris Dodd: What's with the green tie? Pair it with a like-colored shirt and he could be running for host of Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Bill Richardson: Now defines the term "surrender monkey." I think he's been a great governor, but electing him President would prove the Peter Principle optimistic.

Weak field. And while this isn't a prediction, I think the Republicans could (and just might) do worse than a Clinton-Biden ticket.