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Divided We Stand

Michael Totten is in Kurdistan, where he writes:

Iraq may not survive in one piece. The overwhelming majority of Iraqi Kurds are packing their bags. Most have already said goodbye. Erbil (Hawler in Kurdish) is the capital of the de-facto sovereign Kurdistan Regional Government. Baghdad is thought of as the capital of a deranged foreign country.

On this same theme I wrote a couple years ago that

The longer the insurgency continues, the more sense partition makes. Problem is, the bespoke-shoes boys at the State Department would never stand for it. (Neither would the UN - although State is a far greater obstacle than the idiots on the East River.)

I'd forgotten until reading Mike's post that I'd written those words. Whatever happens to Iraq, it's clearer than ever that the friction between State, Defense, the CIA, and the White House is doing us (and them) far more harm than good. With all that in mind, go read what else Totten has to say.