What He Said

After reading the much-discussed Daniel Lyons attack on blogs in Forbes and Dan Gillmor’s (much more civil) response, my decidedly-liberal old friend Lein Shory emailed:

The article’s really quite astonishing.

You know, after reading [Gillmor’s post] and the accompanying comments, it occurred to me that one reason blogs are viewed as dangerous is that they serve as means to the (at least ostensible) ends of both liberals and conservatives. Those ends are definitely not always the same, and they come from different motivations, but if liberals want “freedom of information” and conservatives want the “marketplace of ideas,” those are both at least neighboring territories, and blogs go a little ways toward making them more of a reality. Corporations, big media, the government–any entrenched power–can’t help but be nervous, and will eventually seek ways to fight them.

Lacking a more eloquent response, I’m reduced to saying, “Yep.”