Katrina Blog Aid: Maybe They're Not So Shiftless

Bumped to the top to kick off Thursday’s Blog Aid effort:

VodkaPundit’s charity of choice today is Mennonite Disaster Services. I’ve chosen MDS for the following reasons:


1. My father-in-law is from a Mennonite family (really).
2. Gives me an excuse to reference the “shiftless Mennonites” joke from The Simpsons.
3. A website called VodkaPundit teaming up with a Mennonite charity reaches a New Orleanian level of weirdness–and thus is entirely appropriate.

Besides all that, I’m willing to bet (seriously, we’ve already made a donation) that the money is a lot more likely to go directly to helping people, and a lot less likely to get swallowed up in a permanent bureaucracy.

If you don’t choose to give to MDS yourself, we won’t hold it against you–but here’s a link to the Blogfaddah’s gigantic list of blogger-endorsed charities. So pick one. Heck, pick seven or eight.

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