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(Not Quite) Required Reading

The new issue of Parameters is up, and I suggest you read the whole thing cover to cover. (If you don't know, it's the official quarterly publication of the US Army War College, and it specializes in serious deep-think stuff.) The summer edition has three articles of real interest.

The first is a discussion-generating piece on the Bush Doctrine by Harry S. Laver. Although a thorough reading of his artical reveals that he's mostly critical of preventitive war, he raises some good arguments. The most important, however, is this:

Leaving behind the definitions and semantics of international law raises the practical issue of applying a strategy of prevention in a world of WMD, terrorists, and the possible mixing of the two. Professor Jason Ellis, offering one perspective, maintains that preventive action should be part of a broader strategy of counterproliferation. Past efforts at nonproliferation of WMD, including ballistic missiles, he argues, have failed, and the Bush Administration has adopted a proactive response to the