More "Journalism" From The Washington Post Company

Yet another post-Newsweekgate tendentious defense of the MSM today, this time from Terry M. Neal in the Washington Post. Most of it is now-familiar “fake but accurate” claptrap, and I was about to quit reading halfway through when Neal popped of with this howler:

Some conservative bloggers have suggested that the media should never criticize or raise critical questions of the military in wartime. Some have extended that criticism, conveniently, to cover the president’s wartime policies.

Oh, really? Which ones? Can you provide a quote, a link, a reference to a single blogger who’s said any such thing, or are did you just prop up an imaginary straw man?

Really great “journalism” there, Terry. Yep, all those editors really came in handy for that one.

Neal gives away the game in the next couple of sentences:

But that’s such a different standard than what most journalists are taught. No wonder people think most reporters are liberal. It’s because journalism is in itself, as a profession, by definition liberal.

Hey, Terry–here’s a suggestion. After you’ve spent most of your column repeating cant Bush-bashing talking points and inventing non-quotes that no blogger ever actually wrote, it’s not real smart to then go off on the old Helen Thomas “Of course we’re liberals–all smart, open-minded people are liberals” wacky train. That’s a really, really stupid thing to do in a column supposedly about now the press isn’t biased.

Just for future reference, you know.