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1. jeff g,

its not like the readers don't hit steve when they feel like it. plus, jeralyn has had two posts, one dissing condi as a pres candidate (though she had the guts to put up a nice bottle of vodka over the bet) and one smacking kansas for no discernible reason except sneering.

sorry that we haven't bowed down at her feet, but consider me underwhelmed
by a "take my ball and go home" reaction.

i generally like your stuff, i generally love steve's stuff, and i usually spit bile at jeralyn. hence why i have steve bookmarked and check daily, follow links to your site and occasionally remember to check in, and have seen jeralyn's site a few times, mostly due to that fight over the dean campaign and what it intended with paying kos "consulting fees".

sure you can go home, but i think one of the bennies of this guest hosting gig was added exposure to steve's audience. we're reading his site and seeing what you've got, you're providing some stuff and ideally getting some new readers.

ok, so your elevator joke bombed and jeralyn's leftieness ain't winning many
friends. whatever.

jer will probably enjoy pissing us off, and you got some decent love for the leif garret riff. andy's feeling some serious love with the alabama dildos.

will has been fairly well adopted here. some of these things will work out, some won't, but there's no need to get quite as pissy. i do hope that you're just heckling back and will keep the show going.

it's nice that you guys are at vodka's and i hope a couple posts that didn't work and some negative feedback don't run you off (jeralyn... well now thats different, in that its political)

(maintaining anonymity as i can sometimes get angry and have posted too much as hey that i don't want to "reveal"... i'm a kid and don't want everything to be permanently googleable)

2. jeff,

love the (dis) information minister pic. excellent photoshop.

you didn't post this or the jack kerouac on the couch at vodka's... they seem much more in tune there than your elevator joke. use your best material dude! please! cause you are funny, and in the same vein as steve. i'm sure you'd be killing if you posted those two posts at steve's!


the response of protein wisdom:

Dear Hey,

I appreciate your earnest evaluation of my abilities. But what you don't seem to understand is that YOU are here to amuse ME.

Don't fret, though. It takes some getting used to.



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