I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means

From Denver’s ABC7 comes this heart-healthy scientific tale:

Here’s some positive health news for those of us living in Colorado. If you want to live longer and lower the risk of heart disease, a move to the mountains may help.

[Greek] researchers believe it’s because of increased exercise from walking up mountainous terrain, which gives the heart a good workout and enables it to cope with lower levels of oxygen.


Sounds good so far, doesn’t it, my fellow Coloradans?

However, the closing of the article once again reminds me that, more often than not, journalism and science don’t mix so well:

People in all three villages [in the study] had similar lifestyles, with the men involved in farming or breeding animals and the women generally working in the home.

Because, you know, when I think about the common Colorado lifestyle, I’m thinking animal husbandry.

Or perhaps not.

Special Bonus: Those of you interested in animal husbandry in Colorado can locate some fabulous alpaca farms here. Because, you know, I Love Alpacas (dot com)!

Special Bonus Side Thought: Since it is International Eat an Animal for PETA Day, does anyone have any tasty alpaca recipes they’d like to share?

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