For the Children

Frank Martin asks, “What’s the official VodkaPundit position on this?” Read:

Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman told a group of fourth graders on Monday that if he was marooned on a desert island the one thing he would want to have with him is a bottle of gin.

And when a student quizzed Goodman about his hobbies he replied that “drinking” was one of them, said Mackey Elementary School Principal Kamala Washington, who was present for the mayor’s visit.

Goodman was unapologetic for his comments that came during his visit to the elementary school in North Las Vegas.


My official position is, Goodman is a crass idiot. The damage he’s done to these poor kids is indefensible, and perhaps irreversible.

Gin? On a desert island? That’s like wearing white after Labor Day, or novelty golf pants to a wedding. You drink rum on a desert island, not gin. Unless, of course, you have proper refrigeration for the gin. In which case, hey, I’ll take a dry martini.

But are schoolchildren really capable of understanding that kind of nuance? For their sake, Goodman must be stopped.

UPDATE: Speaking of Frank, he’s got a great essay putting Steve Fossett’s ’round-the-world flight into perspective.


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