Decisions, Decisions

I’m a PC guy, and have been for 11 years. When I decided it was time to trade in the old stand-alone word processor (remember those? with the built-in daisy-wheel printers?) for a computer, I was leaning towards Macintosh. But you couldn’t fly an X-Wing on Mac in ’94, so I got myself a PC.

Today I read that there’s a new, tiny Mac for $500. I mean, tiny. Looks like it’s smaller than a hardbound book. And with a little adapter/switcher doohickey, it’s easy to set it up as a second computer, sharing the same mouse monitor and keyboard I have hooked up to the Gateway machine.

For fewer inflation-adjusted dollars than I spent on my Commodore 64 twenty years ago, I could have the Mac for music and pictures, and yet still keep the PC for my virus and spyware needs.

Then again, there’s a $50 rebate on these babies right now. . .