Is this thing working?

A week’s “vacation” went long, thanks to some technical issues over here. It looks like Indicted Cable may finally have it fixed.


CORRECTION: Problem not fixed – Adelphia has now left me without an effective internet connection for the best part of a week.

So then. The comments section to this post is dedicated to Real Life Horror Stories about Adelphia Cable. Have one? Click on the comments and vent youself silly.

And I’d like to ask a favor of my sister and fellow bloggers. Please link to this post with the words “Indicted Cable.”

One last thing. The folks at tech support have been nothing but wonderful. Problem is, their bosses won’t tell them what’s really going on. But they’ve tried to help, they really have.

UPDATE: It took seven tries to post the correction. Nine, when you include the two extra tries to get this update posted. Thanks, Adelphia!


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