This Is Not A Battleground, But...

For the first time in a presidential election year, Georgia is allowing early voting–and it’s a smash hit. According to the local fish-wrapper, two-hour lines have been the norm in metro Atlanta since early voting began on Monday. Two observations:

1. There isn’t a competitive race in Georgia this year above the state legislature level. George W. Bush and Johnny Isacson (U.S. Senate) are both lead-pipe cinches to win the state, and by considerable double-digit margins.

2. Regardless of observation #1, state officials are expecting a turnout well in excess of the previous record (72%) for this election.

Michael Barone or Larry Sabato could tell us for sure, but I think I’m safe in assuming that nobody alive has ever seen turnout like this for an American election. I think I’m also safe in assuming that nobody alive knows how to poll or predict the outcome of that kind of election.

If Georgia polls over 75-80%, with both national races clearly in the bag, what will the lines be like in Ohio or Florida, or other places where the outcome is seriously in doubt?

It’s gonna be an interesting six days–and maybe six weeks.