October Surprise? III

Michael comments:

Could be an October surprise. President Bush will have a problem though. Personnel actions are confidential. But, if you follow the link, you will see it was probably an involuntary administrative action for substandard performance and the Board recommended to the commander that the subject of the board had no potential for satisfactory military service — hence the discharge. Then again, there’s an honorable discharge, honorable under general conditions (sort of a bad boy) and in the early 70s — dishonorable. However, President Carter didn’t like labeling people dishonorable so he changed “dishonorable” to “Under Other Than Honorable Conditions” which we now call a “UOTHC” (Pronounced U-thock) There’s a lot of wheeling and dealing that goes on between counsel and the command and respondent during those administrative proceedings from the time the first notice is served until even after the final action — because the member can appeal to a board of military records.

As I said earlier, this doesn’t look like it’s a Kerry-killer.