The Colorado Springs World Arena was packed nearly to the rafters. However, I don’t think whoever designed the parking lot planned on having a couple extra thousand people on the rink. Getting out of there was a nightmare.

After the usual warm up speeches by the usual local dignitaries, Pete Coors came out with Jenna and the President. The crowd went nuts, of course.

Jenna sure is a cutie, but the prettiest girl at the rally was with me.

The man himself. Next time I go to one of these things, I’m bringing a better flash. Also, I’ll try to be taller.

This close to the election, I expected to see more protesters. Although if you’ll look closely, you’ll notice the girl in front’s black t-shirt reads “Liberals Breed Terrorism.” Not sure I endorse that, but it’s always nice to see a counterprotester.

Ah – here are the rest of the protesters. Not much to see.

UPDATE: More here.

UPDATE: For those (and there have been a surprising number) complaining about my “stash” in the photo Karol sneaked of me, lay off already. First, it’s not a moustache, it’s the top half of a goatee. The picture doesn’t show my chin. Second, I’m growing the damn, itchy thing for Halloween. It’s only a week old, so give it a break. Besides, onces it grows in and gets trimmed down, I’m told it’s not so bad.

But I’m still gonna shave the damn thing off once Halloween is over.