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Blame Canada

No, not really - but there's election trouble in Ukraine, and Canada can help:

. . .the key to post-election developments will be the assessment of whether the elections were free and fair or stolen. Ukraine has accepted international election observers, and the United States and like-minded countries should send more of them than ever before. This nation harbors a vigorous Ukrainian diaspora that could supply thousands of qualified election observers.

Canada also has a large Ukrainian community, and Canadian observers wouldn't carry the "taint" of America's electoral tomfoolery. Canada can't do much in the world. Their military is barely able to put on so much as a decent parade anymore; their budget is too constrained to increase (or perhaps even maintain) their current levels of foreign aid; and their foreign policy consists of little other than "we aren't America." Well, here's a place where Canada could do some good, and do so on the cheap.

How about it, Canada?