If A Candidate Lies About Cambodia, But Nobody Reports It, Did It Actually Happen?

As noted elsewhere, searches at the Washington Post, New York Times, USA Today, and LA Times reveal no mention of the word “Cambodia” in any stories about Democratic nominee John Kerry. Kerry spokesweasel Michael Meehan offered up a lame excuse that Kerry was “near” Cambodia, but a cursory review of the map indicates Meehan’s claim is laughably false.

There’ve been lots of ad-hominem attacks against the Swift Vets over the last couple of days (some of them are–gasp!–Republicans! Definitely can’t be trusted!), but so far, no serious investigation into whether they’re actually telling the truth.

Looks like that American Spectator blurb from a couple of days ago was accurate: beyond Fox News, the press is in full cover-up mode for Kerry on this one.

Yo, Media: Your candidate has apparently lied, repeatedly, over the last 30 years. He did so to embellish his credentials, and in the pursuit of various political ends. His campaign is putting out false spin that doesn’t pass the laugh test. Does this say anything at all about his fitness for higher office?

Aren’t you interested?

UPDATE: Via Instapundit, Craig Henry nails it:

Kerry’s use of his war record has been masterful and it continues to help him with critical swing voters and the press. His focus on his biography was never intended to win the veteran vote. Rather, it works to reassure moderate voters about his stance on national defense. He also used it to neutralize questions about his record in Congress and to frame stories for the press.

Did Kerry vote against key weapon programs? How dare you question the patriotism of a man with three Purple Hearts. Is he too willing to defer to France and the United Nations? How dare you doubt the loyalty of a man with a Silver Star. Faced with this, does the press write about the voting record or about the “hard ball tactics” of the GOP?

Kerry didn’t just use his Vietnam experience to enhance his stature as a man or leader. His campaign used it to shut down debate on his Senate record. They made the biography the issue.

Exactly. That’s why this is important–and why the press’s silence would be inexplicable, if we didn’t already know that they’ve taken sides in the election.