"Nobody We Know Voted For Him!"

Deeply stupid comment at ABC News’ The Note today, amidst predicting a Kerry victory:

Forget the fact that that we still can’t find a single American who voted for Al Gore in 2000 who is planning to vote for George Bush in 2004. (If you are that elusive figure, e-mail us and tell us who you are and why: [email protected])

Time to get out of that newsroom, Noters. Does the name Zell Miller ring any bells? How about Roger L. Simon? Ed Koch?

But hey, that’s no indication of any groupthink among the enlightened ranks of Journalists. No sir, that’s just solid “reporting”…

UPDATE: Frank Martin reels off additions James Woods, Gary Oldman, Dennis Miller, and Dennis Hopper; I’d be surprised if Ron Silver didn’t vote for Gore as well. But hey, nobody’s ever heard of them, right?

Please feel free to add your own in the comments. Did Glenn Reynolds vote for Gore? Don’t recall; I bet he’ll say one way or another when he sees the Note.