George Will has questions for John Kerry. Here are a few of them:

Regarding military action, your platform says “we will never wait for a green light from abroad when our safety is at stake.” But the platform’s preceding paragraph denounces President Bush’s “doctrine of unilateral preemption.” If unilateralism is wrong, are you not committed to some sort of “green light from abroad”?



Your platform says: “A nuclear-armed Iran is an unacceptable risk.” But Iran’s radical Islamist regime is undeterred by diplomatic hand-wringing about its acquisition of nuclear weapons, which may be imminent. Is preemptive military action against Iran feasible, or are its nuclear facilities too dispersed and hardened? What would you do other than accept Iran as a nuclear power?

(Hell, I’d like to know what the current President would do.)

Your platform says, “The price of gas is at an all-time high.” But it isn’t as measured in constant (inflation-adjusted) dollars, or as a portion of Americans’ purchasing power. Do you have some other way of justifying the platform’s claim?

Uh. . .

Throwing caution to the wind, your platform insists that “small towns are at the heart of America.” Your sense of America’s small-town heartbeat comes from where — Sun Valley?




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